I love to celebrate!

What gems are hidden underneath the sand of your past year? What wonderful things happened that you might have already forgotten about?

What can you celebrate? Sometimes it takes some digging, but it is definitely worth the while.

It is time to celebrate!

I celebrate that:

I learned to trust the process
I stopped working hard from I should
My family is healthy and we love each other deeply
I do what I love
I am finally able to set healthy boundaries
I had and have amazing, courageous coachees who did such a great job for themselves and their surroundings
This year anchored me more than ever. I was and am able to stay centered whatever happens
I feel deeply connected with nature
I rediscovered the healing power of plants
I started new courses that generate so much energy and joy
Helderheid became financially healthy in 1 year!

And I am sure there are more hidden gems. What we focus on grows. We attract that what fits with the way we feel ourselves.

Focusing on the positive and on those people who give us energy does not mean we are ignoring the other parts. We are present with that and learn from it. Grow. And then we move on. Taking steps from a basis of abundance, joy and trust.

What do you celebrate today?