Healing: Growing your Sun

This is my present to you. I hope you enjoy it. It is made with love and full of healing energy. It helps you to grow your energy and prepare you for the coming week.

This is a recording of one of my Coming Home Circles. Once a month I offer channeled meditations, energy work. and sound healing in a beautiful location in Amsterdam.

If you would like to join one of these evenings you can find the dates here.

If you understand Dutch you can join my closed group Being fully you by Activating your True NatureFor down-to-earth, sensitive and spiritual women who want to live from their heart and intuition. Full of energy, trust, ease and fulfillment. Full of high vibrational meditations, videos, messages, music and updates. It supports you in raising your vibrations and be fully you.

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Hope you enjoy it!

Sending you love and light,
Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer

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