Shamanic Systemic Healings

working on the root of your problems

Light and Profound

Get unstuck. Release what no longer serves you. And restore your power and connection with your guides, own healing resources and ancestors.  

Whether it is trauma of this life or a repeating pattern, behaviour you learned when you were young. Or a trauma of your family, your ancestors or past lives.

These patterns can show up as physical pain or discomfort, emotions, mental beliefs, judgements and convictions.  

What is Shamanic Systemic Healing?

Together with my soul sister Britta van Arman we created these light, profound healings based on the Shamanic wheel and Systemic Ritual®️.

Systemic Ritual®️ is a shamanic variant of systemic constellation work developed by Daan van Kampenhout. He specialised in shamanism early in his life and got acquainted with the work of Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations, during the 90’s. Systemic Ritual®️ uses representatives like guides, archetypes, totem animals and spirits like that of motherhood.

It focusses on the elements, resources and strengths of you as  person and opens you up for what supports you and is already there. It also brings in help from guides outside of you.

There are many different types of Rituals depending on the theme you are dealing with.

We added our own personal touch, following our intuition, by combining it with elements of our Healing with Nature Year Course and different healing sources like our teams of guides, plant spirits, stones and oracle cards and what we feel is needed for the specific theme you are dealing with.

And as everything we offer, our Shamanic Systemic Healings are based on pure unconditional love and lightness.


Examples of themes are:

fear, anger, sadness, grief, feeling stuck, loneliness, needing to be strong, solving things on your own, not allowing yourself to feel, living from your head, taking on too much responsibility, boundaries, physical pain and diseases, feelings of abandonement, not feeling seen or heard, feeling unworthy, guilt, shame.

Different types

Depending on your theme and what I feel is needed I choose a type of healing. For some I invite Britta van Arman to join me as a representative and healer.

These are a few examples. 

  • Healing your Mental energy system with a animal spirit (including drawings)
  • Healing your 5 energy bodies: physical, etherical, emotional, mental, soul
  • Healing in your family system
  • Healing your ancestors line
  • Soul retrieval

Start your healing now

Plan your clarity call now and let’s get to know each other. I would love to hear what you long for and explore together how I can assist you in your healing process and spiritual growth.

You can also read more about other healing sessions here.

I speak Dutch (native) and English.


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