Grounding is amazing

You reading this means you are interested in grounding or are already practicing it and want to know more. I would love to share my experiences with you.

Grounding means doing that what helps you to be present in your whole body. Often we can be in our heads a lot and be disconnected from the rest. Grounding pulls your attention and energy down.

Being well grounded means you are living in the here and now. You are connected with your body, feelings and thoughts. With all your senses. You are more relaxed and at the same time present.

I love being grounded. Being an sensitive person and energy worker it is also a vital part of my life. Being grounded means a clear head, feeling strong, being self secure and calm. It also enables me to better hear and feel the voice of my intuition. To have easier access to all my qualities and also my psychic abilities.

I achieve this state by connecting my whole body with the ground, often via the soles or feet, via meditations or visualisations. Or by standing, walking bare feet on the grass or sand. And my favorite: by connecting with my favorite tree, a huge chestnut tree close to my house (see pictures below).

When grounded it is much easier to support yourself and carry what is happening inside of you. It is also easier to cope with your environment without getting entangled. That is why it is also often used to deal with strong emotions like anxiety and overwhelm. 

I use grounding as the basis of every meditation and every 1-on-1 session or circle. It enables you to go within and gives you the opportunity to let all emotions and other energy go. To let it flow out of you into the ground.

Especially for high sensitive people grounding is an important tool. If you are sensitive it is sometimes easier to live in your head. And you might absorb a lot of information from your surroundings. When not grounded it is difficult to stay with yourself, process this and to let go of it.

There are many different grounding methods. It is even said to be very beneficial for your health, an antidote for inflammation and the related pain.

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