I myself, many of my colleagues and those who come to me for guidance and healing are all experiencing the intensity.

More than ever and very physical. It shows up as fatigue, blocked glands, physical pain like migraines, sore joints, bones, clenched muscles and fascia.

But also chaos, restlessness, foggy minds, fear and doubts.

What is happening now?

I feel we are being prepared for the years ahead of us. A lot of us are faced with our biggest and deepest wounds, like I do not matter, I am not enough, I do not fit in.

The eclipse season is aiding this process.

I love to see these as invitiations to let go of our most persistant beliefs and patterns that have not been serving us anymore for a long time. Deeper layers of these convictions are coming to the surface for us to see, hear and let go of.

With this cleansing we are being prepared to stand in our full power, grounded and flexible. As a deep rooted tree standing in the eye of the storm.

These healings support you to be connected to your core, your true nature of pure unconditional love.

So that when the storm touches you, you can move and are resiliant with all the wisdom and tools you have re-activated. You will not break.

What is ahead of us?

The visions I see show a world around us that moves fast and changes rapidly, while I am standing in the centre of my energy. This energy is much slower and in harmony. I need that slowing down to feel and connect with myself, my body, intuition and wisdom.

This is how I am able to be fully me, enjoy life and be of service with my gifts and my unique energy.

What can you do?

I know these times can be very hard. I feel and see you. These are my tips for you to go through this as smooth as possible:

1. Trust that you are being held and helped by the energies around you. And that things happen for you.

2. There are many like you, you are not alone. Communities are so important right now. Connect with like-hearted people. Find your tribes and offer and receive support, recognition and a sense of belonging.

3. Regularly join or perform spiritual practices that connect you with your true nature, body and soul. Do meditations, join circles, do yoga, ground, walk in nature, make an altar, perform rituals, draw cards, connect with your guides…

4. And last but not least, allow yourself some healing support by getting a massage, spiritual guidance or a healing session. You are allowed to receive guidance and make it as easy as possible. Your body and energy are processing a lot.

Would you like to get some support, I would love to guide you back to balance and help you find your own tools, wisdom and resources so you can help yourself.

Just send me a message or plan your own free clarity call where we can connect to see whether we match and how I can help you.