6 February 2018
You might recognize this. You are struggling with something you want different. You should be different, act different and feel different. You want be a successful entrepreneur, be another person, do different things.

I sometimes feel exactly this. I am not where I want to be. I don’t do the right things. Have not taken the right decisions in the past and will not reach my goals with the things I am doing. I am too sensitive, too much of a control freak and think too much.

January I wanted to focus fully on Helderheid, my own company. I needed some rest in December and only did a few things for my business that I really felt like. My vision was clear, Imade a list of priorities and ideas for services. A great to do list for January.

January I started with great enthusiasm. But instead of being fully focused on the priorities I was busy with all kinds of other tasks. Also needed, but not the most important ones. My attention was everywhere. I felt so bad about it, as before I knew exactly what I wanted and needed to do. And that bad feeling slowed me down even more. I felt so frustrated. Until it hit me.

I was exactly where I needed to be. This was exactly what I longed for. I wanted to be more playful and be impulsive. After years of exhausting myself and wanting to be perfect. To be loved for my results. And I did accomplish a lot, although I thought otherwise.
And then the flow started again. I have more focus now, as there is room for playfulness too and respect for my needs.

It takes awareness and sometimes courage to slow down and connect with yourself. To see where you are. What you need. You only need to make some time. It will surely give you the answers and insights you need. So you can thrive again.
Would love if you share with me what do you need at the moment. What do you long for and will help you to thrive?