Online Business Focus Session

Focussing online on a weekly basis
Set your intention for
More balance, focus, energy and success

“These sessions help me be better at what I do, know myself better and understand what I want and what not. And to trust myself.”
Vrouw – ondernemer

Do you experience pressure and would you like to do your work with more pleasure and from a place of relaxation? And to be able to really contribute with your talents?

Would you like to be more succesful as an entrepreneur and live from your heart? Do you often start your day with the best intentions, but are you dissatisfied and frustrated at the end of the day as you did not accomplish what you wanted?

Do you have a job in which you need real focus and a lot of energy?

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These live online focus sessions can be the solution to your needs. I will personally guide you into an energetic and focused week. This is what you will experience:

  • * More success
  • * More balance
  • * More focussed
  • * More energy
  • * More ease and pleasure in your work
  • * Higher consciousness about what you need and need to do as a person and a professional
  • * A feel of satisfaction at the end of your week
  • * The ease to login whereever you are
  • * The habit of connecting with yourself every week for half an hour
  • * A recording (on request).

I have always demanded al lot of myself, always challenged myself. I am a perfectionist and highly sensitive person. And I want to do my work for the full 500 percent. In my previous jobs I always had to multitask and handle a lot of responsibility. And I also want to really contribute and do things well. And want to be there for my family.

You need a good focus and a lot of energy for that. I got exhausted regularly. Sometimes I also felt anxious and had a lack of sleep. I wanted to change this way of living, but I had no energy to take any action. A catch 22.

With meditation and visualization I have learned how to manage my energy levels and be in the here and the now. Now I can focus on what is really important. I can keep the balance and know what are my needs and that of others. And this gives me the possibility to achieve my goals and really contribute more easily. To balance my life. To do what I am good at and offer that to the world.

Do you long for this too?

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What are the results you can get from these online sessions?

This differs per day and per person. No day and person are the same.

These are the most frequently mentioned results:

  • * Better focus & energy:
    You become more aware of what is important. You live in the moment, so that you are less distracted by what does not matter.
  • * More relaxation during the day:
    You slow down and relax and know what is important and what you need.
  • * A bigger sense of control and balance
    You know what you want, need and are well prepared for the day.
  • * More self-confidence and strength
    You experience less anxiety and feel better, because you focus on yourself and give yourself the attention you need.
  • * More benefit from your intuition
    You focus on yourself and shut yourself off from anything that is not important. This makes it easier for you to listen to your intuition.
  • * Greater awareness
    You become aware of what you want and need on a physical, mental, emotional and possibly spiritual level. You take that with you into your day and week.
  • * Practical tools
    You will learn an enourmeous amount of practical tips that help you to manage your energy and live from your heart on a daily basis
  • * Better results
    You will learn to enlarge your awareness and you will become more intuitive. You will know what choices are needed and what steps are necessary to manifest your longings on a personal and professional level
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Would you like to connect with you intuition more, but don’t know how?

Or do you meditate with an app, but have difficulty with discipline or finding the right one? The online sessions will solve this for you:

  • * You login from home via your phone or laptop, from your lazy chair or your bed!
  • * No valuable time lost on traveling.
  • * You can immediately continue with your normal daily routine after the session. And with much more focus!
  • * You focus on yourself and your business on fixed moment in the week. It helps you to keep the habit!
  • * I guide you into the meditations and visualisations so you do not have to find one or do one yourself. You only have to listen and focus on yourself.
  • * The theme of the session is based on your situation, needs and week.
  • * You pay per month.
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These online focus sessions provide you with incredible ease and amazing results. In order to ensure that you can experience this too, I have kept the subscription costs at a low level.

A monthly subscription costs only 80,00 euro per month (excluding VAT) instead of 200 euro per month. You will get 2 hours of coaching in one month.

After 4 months you can cancel the subscription monthly. This way you can build a new habit and give it a chance to become a regular element in your life. And you can change the way you live your life.

You can choose for 4 x 30 or 2 x 60 minutes as a great preparation of a special day, workshop, presentation, an important week or a specific pattern or need. The session always is about what you need at that specific time.

Are you curious or do you have any questions? Please contact me per e-mail.

You can try a first session for free.

Please get inspired by those who have already preceded you:


“These sessions help me to be better at what I do, know myself better and understand what I want and what not. And to trust myself.”
Woman – entrepreneur

Rating ★★★★★
Working with you is one of the best decisions ever! I know exactly what I need to make that important change in my company happen. You help me to feel my strength and use it.
Woman – entrepreneur

Rating ★★★★★
Today I attended the first session.
I got a bit tired after the session, but the result is that I have done more than my actual to-do plan was and it is only 15:15! Didn’t experience any stress.

This is something I will attend every week. The effectiveness & productivity was much higher compared to yesterday (for example).
Thank you Nathasja!

Rating ★★★★★
I’ve been to the Meditation session with Nathasja at the TSH Collab and been totally amazed by the energy and motivation I felt after the session.
It’s been a really great experience and Nathasja took a lot of time for me. It’s been a long time that I’ve had such a productive, satisfying day.
Thank you so much!

Rating: ★★★★★
My day after the online morning meditation of 30 minutes was good. I really felt more in harmony.

I noticed that I did not feel so much of a pressure when it comes to the volume of work I should do.  I did not experience my little moments of “micropanic” at times when I usually experience them (when dealing with some particular issues at my work), which made it possible for me to think clearly and handle these issues really efficiently. I still feel that I have the work-related anxiety under control, even after a week now!

Nathasja, overall I think that your initiative is a brilliant idea, and I think you are really, really good. Please keep up the good work.
Woman – consultant

Rating: ★★★★★
The 30-minute live online meditation was a great start to my busy and hectic day!

All steps were very nice. During meditation I was very aware of how I felt and how I wanted to do my work.

And it helped me to focus completely on the here and the now during the day. That is very important in my work, because I have to be sharp and alert. I was not concerned with what was happening around me, nor with the fact that things went differently than planned. I could let go of all other processes and hectic situations. I had a very good focus.

So I can absolutely recommend these online meditations. A monthly subscription is a good way to get a discipline.
Gerrit, male presentator, 37 years

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