Loneliness, isolation, disconnection…..

Feelings I know all too well. It was my way of coping with what happened around and inside of me.

It was too much, too painful.

Now and then this pops up and I definitely don’t want to stay in that dark, cold, scary dungeon.

Whenever this arises I try to be with it, to not push it away. That is hard, but I know it is worth while.

Because I believe and know that ignoring it and pushing it back is not a solution. It will be knocking on my door later on and with more urgency.

It is already there.

I know many of us experience loneliness. It is inside of us and all around us. We have different beliefs that are on the base of it like ‘I do not belong’, ‘I am not enough’, ‘I do not matter’. It comes in different forms, but what it comes down to is that we feel disconnected. We are separate, not part of something, a group or someone else’s life.

We have different ways of coping with it. And there is no one-size-fits-all.

What helps me is connection.

What can really help you is connection. With yourself and with others:

  • Take some time and give attention to that part of you that feels alone. See it for what it is. You do not have to go into the story. Just be with it.
  • Try to connect with some you really trust, someone you really love. Have a call, and if you can, go outside to meet that good friend. Because movement also brings change in your situation. The environment changes and that can offer you a different perspective. Also nature radiates great vibes. Moving your body also generates different hormones that can change your mood.

Sometimes a dear friend reaches out to me at the right time. It can be a key that opens my door. Sometimes that is easier than taking a step myself.

It can be a small gesture, but it can have a big impact. A call, a message, a link to a wonderful song, a note on my door or an invite for a walk.

What can you and I do today to help another person to reconnect?

Nathasja Gootjes is a work life balance & intuition trainer, coach and speaker. She is also EVP at the International She Dares Foundation and Coach in Residence at Collab. She helps men and women to unblock and rebalance. She guides them in connecting with their body and intuition. Her energy reaches out, offers grounding, safety, support and healing during transformation.

Themes: work life balance, sensitivity as a power, intuition, energy management, the power of feeling, perimenopause.