A team or a group of people is a organism of its own. Its state and how it functions or not is defined by the elements that form the group: people.

Every person and every group has all the answers that are needed to fully function and give their best. They have their own wisdom and each of them has his/her unique talents. If you combine those, magic can happen!

How they function as a person and as a team member is defined by their behavior, patterns and beliefs. Their well being.

When a group not functions the way it could, it is vital to zoom in and get clarity. To go back to the basis. Look at every single person and the dynamics as a team.  Possible parts of the coaching are:

  • * What are your talents and how can you make sure these talents thrive?
  • * What behavior is blocking you? And what is blocking you in combination with the other members of the group?
  • * What is needed to get unstuck?
  • * What is your shared goal and how can it help you to get the result you want?
  • * How can you align yourselves with who you are and fully bring in your talents?
  • * What is needed from each member so they join forces in a way that their talents fortify each other?

Often personal coaching of certain members is vital to get the necessary change. As our patterns are often strong.

Clarity and action

Getting clarity starts with listening. It is the basis of my work as a Team Coach. Together we dig into what really is going on at this moment and where you want to be.

I listen to what is said and also what is not said. Observing the verbal & non-verbal communication. My strong intuition is key combined with my passion for clarity and results. 20 years of working in management positions, Change Manager and facilitator and coach offers me a huge basis of experience, learnings and tools.

I bring clarity, curiosity, calmness, humor, and intuitive, clarifying, direct questions to the table.

So you and your team get clarity, get unstuck and strengthen your connection as a team. Resulting in an action plan.

Who I work with

I facilitate startups and teams that are dedicated, committed to do what they love AND that believe that sustainable solutions and the well being of their clients and themselves is priority.

Get inspired by how those I facilitated, experience my work:

“Nathasja energy and positivity is contagious. But that’s just the start. When she helps you, you discover the professionalism and care to everything she does. She can see through the core of any issue, and untangle that mess of feelings, ups, and downs that we all call life. Showing the process behind in a way that you understand and moreover giving you the tools to improve not only your work-life balance (for you and/or your team) but your skills in external communication and self-reflection.”
Victor Garrido, Studio Regale

“As with every tight group of partners, it is important to regularly re-align and stay in touch with one self & others, but the aleas of life and business can render this task somewhat complicated at times and difficult to approach well, especially for people that “know each other too well”.
Nathasja greatly supported us in organising, moderating & guiding us through complex, deep, fundamental meetings that left us with renewed confidence and the ability to re-gain and keep perspective.
The ability to have a pair of fresh eyes, an external but sensitive presence, listening in and moderating our conversations was a breath of fresh air. It allowed us to be more present & more open to one another than we would have if we were doing this on our own.
This invaluable service was provided to us with grace, patience & a talent for listening both to the verbal & non-verbal.”
Partner Start-up

Wil je graag kennis maken en kijken of ik iets voor jouw team kan betekenen? Neem gerust contact met me op. Ik ben benieuwd naar jullie uitdaging.