Sisterhood of Love weekend 2018 English

A safe haven to be you, grow, connect and have lots of fun!
June 16-17 2018

Dear woman, dear sister, welcome!

Are you ready to experience the magic when women gather?

Come and take a break from the rat race, your busy life. Take a break from your monkey mind and taking care of others and join me and the other sisters.

Enjoy the magic when we connect, share, have fun, support one another and grow together.

Receive acknowledgement, recognition and support.

Enjoy real me time, be you and recharge.

Enjoy nature, good food, campfires, women circles and workshops. And feel the freedom to do what feels good for you.
Wil je graag de Nederlandse versie? Ga naar deze Sisterhood pagina.

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I felt the magic

Do you agree that when women come together, something special happens? I experienced just this before I got married last year.

I was taken by surprise. The special women in my life gathered and threw a party. They celebrated and shared with me their warm feelings about our friendships and how much they cared for me. They prepared special meals as a symbol for their relationship with me. It felt so warm and amazing. They offered their own workshops. We shared our stories, tears and laughter.

It touched me deeply….

In the end we sang a mantra in a circle and I stood in the middle. What happened then was magic. I sometimes found it difficult to receive love but they helped me to receive all their love, to receive love in itself by singing to me. I healed then and there.

We felt the warmth and connection grow. Time flew. Everything was so natural and magical at the same time. I felt carried by all the women. Supported for the next phase in my life.

I healed and grew in such an amazingly short time. I want to create this possibility for you too.

You can also listen to me sharing this story with my friend Susan de Vriend – Self love coach – in her podcast series. I talk about why I want to offer you this weekend (at 33.00 min)

I also share a story how listening to my intuition helped me to live my passion. Have fun with it!

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This is what she experienced

I love facilitating women circles. I will guide you also during this weekend together with other talented loveguides. To give you an idea of what I can offer you, please get inspired by what Nadia Duran experienced:

“I was in a circle experience to connect to our longings led by Nathasja.
These are the points that stood out the most:
– She expressed her emotions, warmth, gratitude and love towards us so that it facilitated my connecting with that in myself
– She has a very clear voice/speech
– She can be soft/vulnerable in her approach but also firm/strong in a kind way (like a wise woman)
– She is 100% present with participants. I heard her feedback to us and it was spot on what people shared so she hears people fully
– She shows experience and confidence in her work

What I liked most personally in the three times we worked together was that she is very transparent. I never get any signal in my gut to wonder. I feel trust in her as a person and in her work. I highly recommend working with Nathasja and feel gratitude for having met her.”
Nadia Duran – entrepreneur, yoga teacher and owner of Cuna


If you want to read more, please go to this page and let it inspire you….


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The weekend

Dear sister, I would like to invite you to his weekend which will take place
Saturday June 16 from 9.30 AM till Sunday June 17 till noon

What can you look forward to?

  • * A safe haven to be yourself and grow
  • * A great weekend with linkeminded women like you
  • * Real Me Time, away from home:
    > the freedom to do what suits you
  • * A special opening ceremony
    To get to know each other, to connect, create safety and set an intention for the weekend
  • * 2 connective workshops,
    related to connecting with yourself, letting go, recharging and fun.
  • * A special night at the campfire
  • * 1 night in nature, sleeping in tents (see FAQ for more information)
  • * Free entrance to an enormous, beautiful, green park, called DE WILDSTE TUIN
  • It is located in a town called Kraggenburg, about an hour drive from Amsterdam and from Groningen.
    > with quiet places in between bamboo
    > beautiful nature
    > a beach, dunes and swimmingwater
    > full of playfulness
    > next to a forest
  • * The guidance of beautiful and talented love guides
    who share their passion and guide you back to yourself during the workshops
  • * Campfire gatherings
  • * Fun and laughter
  • * Lovely food in our own pavilion (lunch, diner, breakfast, snacks and drinks)
  • * Support, connection, recognition and acknowledgement
  • * Growth
  • * New energy and inspiration
  • * A special closing circle
  • * And who knows, maybe new friends, that match your tribe….
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We have 17 spots for 17 amazing women. Will you be one of them and join us?

We offer you:

  • *1 night and 1,5 days of fun, me-time and growth
  • * A beautiful opening and closing ceremony
  • * 2 connective workshops by our gifted loveguides
  • * A special Saturday evening at the campfire
  • * Meals and drinks
  • * And much more (see the part “The weekend”)……

for the incredibly low rate of 189,00 euro (including VAT).

This price is a real gift for this special program including the meals, stay over, circles, guidance and workshops. And at a marvelous park! I kept the price low, as this is the first  Sisterhood weekend and I want to offer you the possibility to be there with us and get to know us.

So don’t wait too long and get your ticket now!

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Dear woman, dear sister, I am really looking forward to get to know you better during this sisterhood weekend. To have fun with you and be present with all there is.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by sending an email to I would gladly help you get clarity.

Hope to meet you there and sending you lots of love,


How can I get there?

The easiest way is to take a car as it is a remote place. You can park your car for free.

If you want to go by public transport you can  take the train to Lelystad or Zwolle and take bus 71 towards Kraggenburg Mammouthweg or Kraggenburg Picknickplaats and then walk for about 6 minutes.

In a later stage I will connect everyone, so carpooling will be possible.

The address is:

Netl de Wildste Tuin
Leemringweg 19
8317 RD Kraggenburg

Sleeping arrangements

We will sleep in tents. Please bring your own tent and your camping gear and feel free to share it with your friend or sister (in-law).
No tent? No problem. Let me know and we’ll arrange something.

What to bring?

  • * Your own tent or sharing it with your friend or sister (in-law). No tent? No problem. Let me know and we’ll arrange something.
  • * Sleeping stuff
  • * Clothes and towels
  • * Your bathing suit or bikini, if you feel like swimming
  • * Your own yogamat, cussion and blanket
  • * Warm clothes (depending on the weather) and comfortable ones for the workshops
  • * A book, if you like reading
  • * Camp site sport stuff if you like that
  • * Don’t hesitate to bring that beautiful dress or skirt or pair of trousers for Saturday evening
  • * Not to bring: plates, cutlery and drying lines

What is the main language during the weekend?

The main language is Dutch, but some parts will be in English (non-native). You can talk English or Dutch, what feels best for you. We understand and welcome both languages.

Wie geven de workshops?
Together with two wonderful women we facilitate the workshops. Do you want to get to know us better? Go to the love guides page.

Will all the workshops be outside?
If the weather is suitable yes, but we can always go inside.

Are all meals and drinks included?
There is a restaurant and café, but we have our own pavilion where we drink and eat.
We will offer you:

  • * 2 times breakfast
  • * 2 lunches
  • * 1 diner
  • * Snacks and drinks

All meals and drinks in our own pavilion and those is offered on the camp site or during the workshop are included. Not included are the drinks and food you buy in the restaurant or café.

If you have any allergies or diets, please let us know before May 30 at the latest.

What is your cancellation policy?

Refunds can only be made available if there is a suitable replacement (sister) to take your spot. If there is no one to take your place, then no refund can be made. Naturally if you find the replacement, you can give her your ticket. And please send me her information per e-mail so I can welcome her and send her more information.